Cancelling your subscription

To cancel your My Rewards® program subscription, please log in to and click on "Card Settings" under the "My Rewards Card" menu. Then, click the "Cancel My Enrollment" link next to the appropriate checking account.

Your online rewards account will remain active and any rewards points you have earned will remain there. Please allow 3 business days for processing.

For My Rewards® Platinum Debit Card holders having an outstanding loan at the time of cancellation, the loan balance will remain payable pursuant to terms of your loan agreement entered at the time the loan was taken. You will not have access to My Rewards Program loans in the future unless you re-enroll for the My Rewards Platinum Debit Card Program.

Please note: Cancellation of your My Rewards® Program subscription will cancel your access to the My Rewards Program benefits associated with your debit card. Cancellation will not affect your ongoing ability to utilize your debit card for daily transactions and you may be eligible to earn rewards points for everyday purchases at the standard, base rate.